Amit Weisman

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The combinatorial complexities of (1) the Voronoi diagram of moving points in 2D and (2) the Voronoi diagram of lines in 3D, both under the Euclidean metric, continues to challenge geometers because of the open gap between the (n2) lower bound and the O(n3+ε) upper bound. Each of these two combinatorial problems has a closely related problem involving(More)
The Existential Plight in cancer is a poorly recognized but significant period. It starts with the definite diagnosis and continues for two to three months into the illness, approximately 100 days. The chief signs are the predominance of life/death concerns, e-en over worries about health or physical symptoms. One hundred and twenty newly diagnosed cancer(More)
To study the effectiveness of preventive intervention in lowering emotional distress and improving coping, 381 newly diagnosed cancer patients were assessed shortly after the time of initial diagnosis. Subjects predicted by a screening instrument to be at risk for high levels of emotional distress and poor coping during the second through sixth months of(More)
Newly diagnosed cancer patients who were screened as being "at risk" for future psychosocial distress were offered a counseling program, covering the period from hospital discharge to resumption of regular activity. More than two-thirds of "at risk" patients accepted. Those who refused the program tended to be more antagonistic or apprehensive than those(More)
The prominence of postmastectomy depression and loss of self esteem, together with its reputed relation to symbolism or sexual significance of the breasts, has been investigated. Neither could be confirmed. Forty newly diagnosed breast cancer patients were compared with 50 women with other types of cancer. Only 20 per cent of breast patients and 18 per cent(More)
  • A D Weisman
  • The American journal of the medical sciences
  • 1976
The newly diagnosed CA patient faces psychosocial as well as physical problems. To assess the impact of diagnosis, and to find significant clues for later emotional distress, 163 new patients with CA of the breast, colon, lung, Hodgkin's disease, and malignant melanoma were evaluated by interviews, psychological testing, and personality inventories, then(More)