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Pertussis carries a high risk of mortality in very young infants. The mechanism of refractory cardio-respiratory failure is complex and not clearly delineated. We aimed to examine the clinico-pathological features and suggest how they may be related to outcome, by multi-center review of clinical records and post-mortem findings of 10 patients with fulminant(More)
OBJECTIVE To review and revise the 1987 pediatric brain death guidelines. METHODS Relevant literature was reviewed. Recommendations were developed using the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) system. CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 1) Determination of brain death in term newborns, infants, and children is a(More)
TiO2 photocatalysis with ultraviolet (UV-A) light has proven to be a highly effective process for complete inactivation of airborne microbes. However, the overall efficiency of the technology needs to be improved to make it more attractive as a defense against bio-terrorism. The present research investigates the enhancement in the rate of destruction of(More)
Necrotizing fasciitis is a rare, life-threatening infection. We report a case of necrotizing oropharyngitis caused by Serratia marcescens in a previously immunocompetent 6-year-old male. This necrotizing infection led to a near-total defect of the oropharynx. The wound was managed with daily wound debridement of the patient's oropharynx with 3% hydrogen(More)
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