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Perinatal exposure to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) has been reported to alter spatial learning in rats tested on a radial arm maze (RAM). TCDD is believed to exert most of its effects through binding to the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR). To determine whether the AhR mediates TCDD-induced alterations in spatial learning, we tested male and(More)
Neem is one of the most widely researched tropical tree, with almost all it's parts being put for a variety of uses. In the present study, the antibacterial effect of Neem mouthwash against salivary levels of streptococcus mutans and lactobacillus has been tested over a period of 2 months. Also it's effect in reversing incipient carious lesions was(More)
The mouth serves as a mirror to general health and also as a portal for disease to the rest of the body. Since the old wives' tale of "the loss of a tooth for every pregnancy", oral health during pregnancy has long been a focus of interest. In the past decade, there has been mounting scientific evidence suggesting that periodontal disease may play an(More)
Odontomas are benign tumors containing various component tissues of teeth. They usually remain asymptomatic and are diagnosed on routine radiographs. Clinically, they are often associated with delayed eruption or impaction of permanent teeth and retained primary teeth. A case of compound odontoma in association with an unerupted, rotated and dilacerated(More)
INTRODUCTION Dental team has high potential to help smokers to better oral/general health but to achieve this; they need to be clear about their role. Considering the importance of tobacco cessation, the authors carried out this study aimed at assessing the role, knowledge, current practices, different barriers, and tools to overcome the same as perceived(More)
Tobacco use is one of the leading preventable causes of illness and death. The most powerful predictor of adult smoking is smoking during adolescence. While general and pediatric dentists have a positive attitude regarding tobacco cessation counseling, the same is not extrapolated into practice. Several barriers to counseling in the dental clinic have been(More)
Calcium hydroxide (CH) has been reported to have several drawbacks when used for apexification. Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) has generated considerable interest as an alternative. Two different cases are reported using MTA for apexification. In the first case an incomplete CH barrier was used as a matrix against which MTA could be condensed. In the(More)
266 Sir, It is a matter of great concern to notice that the percentage of children suffering from caries is increasing globally. While dentists are effectively treating this problem, it is essential to ensure that all precautions are taken by the parents, teachers, and community as a whole to prevent caries among children or at least notice the incipient(More)
Consumption of liquid oral medicine by frequently ill children, significantly increases the risk of tooth demineralization. In this study a survey was conducted wherein the pediatricians, pharmacist and medical representatives of Bhopal city were enquired about the most commonly prescribed liquid oral medicines for children. The four categories of medicines(More)
Colonisation of denture soft lining materials by Candida albicans can result in clinical problems. The presence of Candida albicans on the upper fitting surface of the denture is a major causative factor in denture-associated chronic atrophic candidosis (denture stomatitis). The fitting surface of denture can act as a reservoir of Candida albicans. The goal(More)