Amit Tripathi

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Chandacleidus n. g. (Monogenea, Dactylogyridae) is proposed to include three species collected from the gills of Indian glassfishes (Ambassidae): Chandacleidus recurvatus (Jain, 1961) n. comb. (syn. Urocleidus recurvatus Jain, 1961) from Chanda nama and C. ranga (new host record) is redescribed; and Chandacleidus saiensis n. sp. and C. lucknowensis n. sp.,(More)
Given a smooth, projective variety Y over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero, and a smooth, ample hyperplane section X ⊂ Y , we study the question of when a bundle E on X, extends to a bundle E on a Zariski open set U ⊂ Y containing X. The main ingredients used are explicit descriptions of various obstruction classes in the deformation(More)
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