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Bridging the lexical gap between the user's question and the question-answer pairs in the Q&A archives has been a major challenge for Q&A retrieval. State-of-the-art approaches address this issue by implicitly expanding the queries with additional words using statistical translation models. While useful, the effectiveness of these models is highly dependant(More)
Reverse Nearest Neighbor (RNN) queries are of particular interest in a wide range of applications such as decision support systems, profile based marketing, data streaming, document databases, and bioinformatics. The earlier approaches to solve this problem mostly deal with two dimensional data. However most of the above applications inherently involve high(More)
Foodborne diseases are a major health concern that can have severe impact on society and can add tremendous financial burden to our health care systems. Rapid early detection of food contamination is therefore relevant for the containment of food-borne pathogens. Conventional pathogen detection methods, such as microbiological and biochemical identification(More)
Most Campylobacter bacteriophages isolated to date have long contractile tails and belong to the family Myoviridae. Based on their morphology, genome size and endonuclease restriction profile, Campylobacter phages were originally divided into three groups. The recent genome sequencing of seven virulent campylophages reveal further details of the(More)
RNA interference has emerged as a powerful strategy in cancer therapy because it allows silencing of specific genes associated with tumor progression and resistance. Mad2 is an essential mitotic checkpoint component required for accurate chromosome segregation during mitosis, and its complete abolition leads to cell death. We have developed an epidermal(More)
Pancreatic adenocarcinoma is one of the most dreaded cancers with very low survival rate and poor prognosis to the existing frontline chemotherapeutic drugs. Gene therapy in combination with a cytotoxic agent could be a promising approach to circumvent the limitations of previously attempted therapeutic interventions. We have developed a redox-responsive(More)
Ovarian cancer is a debilitating disease, which needs multi-pronged approach of targeted drug delivery and enhanced efficacy with the use of combination therapeutics. In this study, we have examined the anticancer activity of PIK75 incorporated in surface functionalized nanoemulsions for targeted delivery to SKOV-3 cells. A pro-apoptotic molecule(More)