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An efficient pseudo-spectral numerical method is introduced for calculating a self-consistent field (SCF) approximation for the linear susceptibility of ordered phases in block copolymer melts (sometimes referred to as the random phase approximation). Our method is significantly more efficient than that used in the first calculations of this quantity by(More)
— The antenna radiation characteristic is the important parameter to select the shape of antenna and triangular patch antenna gives the better antenna characteristic as compared to other shape antenna with less geometrical structure. Objective of our work is to enhance the characteristics of triangular patch antenna .In this paper we discussed about some(More)
A scaling analysis of equilibrium orientation of diblock copolymer molecules on fractal surfaces and a brief comparison with a particular experiment is presented in this paper. This work is motivated by a recent experimental finding that a diblock copolymer film of polystyrene-PMMA, when deposited on a rough substrate, can orient its lamellae from a(More)
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