Amit Ranjan

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Numerical self-consistent-field theory calculations by Tyler and Morse [Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 208302 (2005)] predict a stable orthorhombic network phase with space group in very weakly segregated diblock copolymer melts. Here, we examine the predicted stability of this phase within a simple Landau theory of weakly ordered crystals, and within a(More)
We present an experimental study on fracture behavior of soft viscoelastic network solid films of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and morphology of the fracture-generated surfaces. The most interesting behavior is the generation of fractal patterns when the storage and loss moduli are comparable. We find the formation of isolated defects and cracks ahead of the(More)
The antenna radiation characteristic is the important parameter to select the shape of antenna and triangular patch antenna gives the better antenna characteristic as compared to other shape antenna with less geometrical structure. Objective of our work is to enhance the characteristics of triangular patch antenna .In this paper we discussed about some(More)
A scaling analysis of equilibrium orientation of diblock copolymer molecules on fractal surfaces and a brief comparison with a particular experiment is presented in this paper. This work is motivated by a recent experimental finding that a diblock copolymer film of polystyrene-PMMA, when deposited on a rough substrate, can orient its lamellae from a(More)
We demonstrate a simple, single-step method for metal/metal oxide coating on interior walls of microchannels in an elastomeric material like PDMS, which is the mainstay of microfluidic devices. The fabrication process involves electrodeposition of cuprous oxide on a metallic wire or a sheet, embedding it inside a PDMS matrix along with the cross-linker,(More)
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