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INTRODUCTION Typhoid fever is endemic in all parts of India and the Widal test is widely used for its diagnosis. In the endemic areas, the healthy people may contain antibodies which are capable of reacting upto a variable titre in the Widal test, due to a past exposure, TAB vaccination and cross reacting antigens. Therefore it varies widely from place to(More)
In today′s global market, competition between firms is high, and customers are constantly demanding technically more advanced products. To fulfill the requirements of customers and rapid growth of global market, organizations have to execute further research in the field of product development in order to achieve the desired goal. Collaborative product(More)
BACKGROUND Appropriate triage of the trauma patient is essential to ensure prompt access to definitive care. Many trauma centres use a "tiered" trauma call protocol with the intention of providing a match between the facility's resources and the needs of the patient. This study describes the incidence and impact of undertriage on the trauma patient in the(More)
Fibres are generally used as resistance of cracking and strengthening of concrete. In this project, I am going to carry out test on steel fibre reinforced concrete to check the influence of fibres on flexural strength of concrete. According to various research papers, it has been found that steel fibres give the maximum strength in comparison to glass and(More)
BACKGROUND Global burden of hospital-associated infection (HAI) is on the rise and contributes significantly to morbidity and mortality of the patients. Mobile phones are indispensible part of communication among doctors and other health care workers (HCWs) in hospitals. Hands of HCWs play an important role in transmission of HAI and mobile phones which are(More)
Background: Chronic otitis media (CSOM) is a notorious infection prevalent mostly in developing countries due to indiscriminate uses of local steroid and antibiotics in the ear either alone or combination. Humidity also plays a major contributing factor in the etiology of otitis media. Objective: To know the prevalence of fungal infection in chronic(More)
  • Amit Rana, Anita Manderna, Sahil Dhankhar
  • 2014
Accompanying the development of mechanical industry, the demands for alloy materials having high hardness, toughness and impact resistance are increasing. Wire Electrical discharge machining (WEDM) is a special form of electrical discharge machining (EDM) which is capable to machine hard, refractive materials with great accuracy as compared to conventional(More)
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