Amit R. Pandey

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As the complexity of VLSI circuits is increasing due to theexponential rise in transistor count per chip, testing cost isbecoming an important factor in the overall integrated circuit(IC) manufacturing cost. This paper addresses the issueof decreasing test cost by lowering the test data bits andthe number of clock cycles required to test a chip. We proposea(More)
This paper presents the comparative performance of different detection and coding schemes for spectral-amplitude-coded optical code division multiple access (SAC-OCDMA) system. SAC-OCDMA systems are receiving more attention because of their ability to completely eliminate multiple access interference (MAI). Fiber Bragg grating (FBGs) are used as(More)
Performance profiling or empirical testing, and statistical testing of algorithms for NP-complete problems is typically based on random sample testing. Random values constitute a good source of data for testing the effectiveness of a computer algorithm. Random number generation is an absolute proposition. As such, generally the concentration is on realistic(More)
In the era of big data, organizations today rely of huge quantity of data from diverse sources and need to integrate this data in a speedy manner to gain any strategic advantage out of the data. Data warehouse is becoming increasingly popular in organizations due to the need for enterprises to gather all of their data in a single place for in-depth analysis(More)
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