Amit Purohit

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In this work, we investigate mechanisms to ensure that a shared data center can operate within a power budget, while optimizing a global objective function(e.g., maximize the overall revenue earned by the provider). We present the BrownMap methodology that is able to ensure that data centers can deal both with outages that reduce the available power or with(More)
User applications that move a lot of data across the user-kernel boundary suffer from a serious performance penalty. We provide a framework, Compound System Calls (Cosy), to enhance the performance of such user-level applications. Cosy provides a user-friendly mechanism to execute the data-intensive code segment of the application in the kernel. This is(More)
Vendor strategies to standardize grid computing as the IT backbone for service-oriented architectures have created business opportunities to offer grid as a utility service for compute and data– intensive applications. With this shift in focus, there is an emerging need to incorporate agreements that represent the QoS expectations (e.g. response time) of(More)
A new class of thiazolopyrimidine-based sulfonamides (5a–j) was synthesized from a parent compound 2-methoxy benzoic acid by multistep reaction in order to find new agents to fight against microbial infections. Substituted thiazolopyrimidines (3a–e) were prepared by cyclocondensation of substituted thiazolidinediones (2a–e) with urea in the presence of acid(More)
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