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Ethics Of Media
1. Ethics of Media: An Introduction Nick Couldry, Mirca Madianou and Amit Pinchevski PART I: FRAMINGS 2. Media Freedoms and Media Standards Onora O'Neill 3. Living Well and Through Media Nick CouldryExpand
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Witnessing as a Field
Witnessing has recently become a contested issue in media scholarship, constituting a complex practice midway between experience and agency. Occupying a distinctive place in contemporary mediaExpand
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Ethics on the line
This article explores the ethical dimensions of computer‐mediated communication held in chatrooms. The philosophical underpinnings refer to the work of Martin Buber and Emmanuel Levinas, specificallyExpand
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The Ethics of Interruption: Toward a Levinasian Philosophy of Communication
This essay attempts to mobilize some key concepts developed in the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas into communication thought framework. The main argument is that Levinas's speculation on ethics asExpand
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Autism and new media: Disability between technology and society
We explore the elective affinities between autism and new media. Expand
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Media witnessing : testimony in the age of mass communication
Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction: Why Media Witnessing? Why Now? PART I: PERSPECTIVES ON MEDIA WITNESSING Witnessing: An Afterword: Torchlight Red on Sweaty Faces J.D.PetersExpand
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Archive, Media, Trauma
Discussions on memory nowadays seem to proceed in two general directions. On the one hand, there is a growing interest in mediated memory: the various forms by which memory is formed and shared byExpand
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Signifying passages: the signs of change in Israeli street names
Street names are mundane media through which the past is commemorated and introduced into the public sphere. Viewed from a semiotic perspective, street names constitute a spatial-text produced overExpand
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The Audiovisual Unconscious: Media and Trauma in the Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
Modern technological media and psychoanalysis are historically coextensive, so argues Friedrich Kittler. During the last decades of the nineteenth century, a profound transformation had taken placeExpand
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