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Chronic obstructive hydrocephalus is known to cause ventricular diverticula and, rarely, spontaneous ventriculostomy. The authors present the case of a patient in whom a spontaneous third ventriculostomy was identified with long-standing hydrocephalus secondary to aqueductal stenosis. To their knowledge, this is the first report in which a spontaneous stoma(More)
The arrival of a commercial surgical robotic platform at our institution has raised the question of its application and usefulness within the department of otolaryngology head and neck surgery. In order to answer this question, we sought to perform a qualitative review to examine the evolution of commercial surgical robotics and examine present and future(More)
PURPOSE Malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) carries a poor prognosis due to chemoresistance. The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) prognostic model was reported to predict survival in MPM. Our retrospective analysis set out to test the validity of the model as a prognostic tool in patients treated in three phase II trials(More)
OBJECTIVE Vestibular function tests are often undertaken before cochlear implantation, in part to help select the side of surgery. The authors aim to determine whether implantation on the side of better vestibular function leads to greater perception of dizziness by patients than implantation on the side of worse or similar function. STUDY DESIGN(More)
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