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  • Akhtar S Khan, Amit Pandey, Thomas Gnäupel-Herold, Raja K Mishra, A S Khan, A Pandey
  • 2011
In order to study the behavior of material under finite deformation at various strain rates, the responses of AZ31 Mg sheet are measured under uniaxial (tension and compression) and multiaxial (simple shear) loadings along rolling direction (RD), 45° to rolling direction (DD), 90° to rolling direction (TD), and normal to the sheet (ND) to large strains. The(More)
— The classic problem of robust pole placement for linear time invariant systems via state feedback has been studied for several decades, and involves obtaining a gain matrix that will assign a certain desired set of closed-loop poles, while also providing a robust eigenstructure that is insensitive to uncertainties in the system matrices. There are several(More)
In a cross-sectional study, a random sample of 197 male workers drawn from different sections of 10 leather tanneries in Kanpur were selected for the assessment of health risks. A control group comprising of 117 male subjects belonging to a similar age group and socioeconomic strata, who never had any occupational exposure in the leather tanneries, were(More)
We consider the classic problem of pole placement by state feedback. We offer an eigenstructure assignment algorithm to obtain a novel parametric form for the pole-placing feedback matrix that can deliver any set of desired closed-loop eigenvalues, with any desired multiplicities. This parametric formula is then exploited to introduce an unconstrained(More)
In the present study we performed the comparative modeling, structural annotation, domain identification and the structural comparison of β-galactosidase enzyme from Aspergillus niger. Five domains were identified in the modeled structure at different residue regions. Two catalytic residues Glu200 and Glu298 were identified in the first domain of the(More)
In the present study, the protein sequence of carbonic anhydrase enzyme from Cordyceps militaris (accession no. EGX89555.1) was retrieved from GenPept database and subjected to computation for various physico-chemical properties, transmembrane segment prediction, homology modeling, domain identification and structural alignment. Five potential transmembrane(More)