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In order to study the behavior of material under finite deformation at various strain rates, the responses of AZ31 Mg sheet are measured under uniaxial (tension and compression) and multiaxial (simple shear) loadings along rolling direction (RD), 45° to rolling direction (DD), 90° to rolling direction (TD), and normal to the sheet (ND) to large strains. The(More)
Conventional implantable sensors are often battery operated. Batteries are characterized by their high energy densities which allow for long term operation. However, it can take a long time to charge up a battery. As an emerging technology, a supercapacitor can be charged very quickly and it is considered as alternative energy storage to replace traditional(More)
— In this paper robust stability of continuous linear time-varying systems is addressed based on Lyapunov functions which are constructed by max-composition of continuously differentiable functions. The resulting Lyapunov functions are continuous but not necessarily differentiable and no individual component needs to be positive definite. When the(More)
Keywords: AA5754 Texture Neutron diffraction Simple shear Dynamic loading Strain rate sensitivity Polycrystal model a b s t r a c t The effects of strain rate and temperature on the yield and flow stress of AA5754 sheets are presented under uniaxial (tension and compression), dynamic (tension), and simple shear loading conditions. The present study(More)
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