Amit Mital

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The directory assistance operators' task with a visual display terminal was simulated to determine the preferable work-rest schedule from among the three different work-rest schedules: 30 min of work followed by 5 min break (30-5); 60 min of work followed by 10 min break (60-10); and 120 min of work without any break (120-0). The total working duration was(More)
Branch turget buffers, or BTBs, can be used to improve CPU performance by maintaining target and history information of previously executed branches. We present trace-driven simulation results comparing counter-based and correlation based prediction schemes for a variety of branch target buffer sizes. We report relative performance estimates to show both(More)
An experimental investigation was conducted to investigate the effects of body posture and of different types of common non-powered hand tools on maximum volitional torque exertion capabilities of males and females. Thirty-six males and 14 females applied peak torque in 21 different body postures while using nine different hand tools. The data analysis(More)
Latex gloves of five different thicknesses (0.21 mm, 0.51 mm, 0.65 mm, 0.76 mm, and 0.83 mm) were manufactured in-house and tested for dexterity and tactility; dexterity and tactility measures with the bare hand were used as control values. Fifteen adult males (mean age = 22.8 years, mean stature = 179 cm, mean body weight = 75.4 kg, mean palm width = 9.9(More)
This paper presents comprehensive maximum acceptable weight of lift (psychophysical lifting capacity) database for male and female industrial workers for lifting symmetrical and asymmetrical loads symmetrically and asymmetrically for 8 h work shifts. The experimental data collected in previous studies on experienced (industrial) and inexperienced(More)
This paper reports results of an experimental laboratory investigation to determine if finger amputations (most pervasive upper extremity injury in the United States) result in significant work performance deterioration in tasks requiring operation of common control devices found in industrial settings. Ten male student volunteers from the University of(More)