Amit Maurya

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In a multilateral bargaining problem with one buyer and two heterogeneous sellers owning perfectly complementary units, we find that there exists an equilibrium which leads to inefficient delays when the buyer negotiates with the higher-valuation seller first and where players are extremely impatient. We also find that the buyer prefers to negotiate with(More)
The purpose of the present study was to compare the somatometric measurements among hard core criminals, petty criminals and community people. Using standard anthropometric procedures, somatometric dimensions were studied on 250 subjects each from the three groups: (i) experimental (hard core criminal) group, (ii) control-I (petty criminal) group, and (iii)(More)
The information about Urban Mental Health Services has been nearly nonexistent in India, although the developed countries have been focusing on programmes for "Healthy Cities". The initiative taken as part of the WHO-ICMR Pilot Project on Urban Mental Health Services, with a public health perspective is being shared. The objectives of the Health Services(More)
A study was carried out under the aegis of Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi with objectives to identify psychosocial, physical, psychiatric, anthropometric and psychometric risk factors in recidivistic criminals, which could predict a future recidivistic criminal. The paper presents study observations on 250 experimental, 250 control-1 and 250(More)
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