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10GbE connectivity is expected to be a standard feature of server platforms in the near future. Among the numerous methods and features proposed to improve network performance of such platforms is Direct Cache Access (DCA) to route incoming I/O to CPU caches directly. While this feature has been shown to be promising, there can be significant challenges(More)
This paper a survey of artificial neural network on various welding technology and also discusses the result based on analysis. The role of optimization techniques in concerned domain with experimental analysis is explained. Refer ences-Parikshik dutta, Dilip Kumar pratihar do modelling of TIF welding process using conventional regression analysis and(More)
Scaling TCP/IP receive side processing to 10Gbps speeds on commercialserver platforms has been a major challenge. This led to the development oftwo key techniques: Large Receive Offload (LRO) and Direct Cache Access(DCA). Only recently, systems supporting these two techniques have becomeavailable. So, we want to evaluate these two techniques using 10Gigabit(More)
Embedded systems programming often involve choosing the worst case static memory allocation for most applications over a dynamic allocation approach. Such a design decision is rightly justified in terms of reliability, security and real time performance requirements from such low end systems. However with the introduction of public key cryptography and(More)
Chemical concentrations of new generations of Ti-base alloys containing Al, Cr and V were predicted computationally that simultaneously maximize Young's modulus of elasticity while minimizing alloy density and cost of its raw materials. A software JMatPro was used to calculate the desired properties and software IOSO was used to perform multi-objective(More)