Amit Kumar Uniyal

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Allelopathic behaviour of three medicinal herbs viz. Rheum emodi, Saussaurea lappa and Potentilla fulgens, on some traditional food crops was examined. Germination of all the traditional food crops was reduced significantly under aqueous extracts of S. lappa and P. fulgens but radicle and plumule growth of Amaranthus caudatus and Eleusine coracana was(More)
We investigated the effect of provenance variation on cone and seed morphology and germination behaviour under different pretreatments in Picea smithiana. Three categories of cones were recognized: large (13.18 cm × 3.30 cm−15.42 cm × 4.35 cm), medium (10.85 cm × 3.93 cm−12.18 cm × 3.98 cm) and small (7.69 cm × 3.06−10.98 cm× 3.39 cm). Significant variation(More)
We estimated variation in the allocation of metabolites (phenol, sugar, and electrical conductance) in seed, fruit and seedling leachates of 25 populations of Grewia. oppositifolia. Higher quantity of phenolics and higher electrical conductance were observed in plants from lower-middle altitudes but this was not correlated significantly with germination,(More)
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