Amit Kumar Singhal

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Liver abscess (LA) is a well-described disease in the medical literature; however, information about its characteristics and outcome in the Middle East is lacking. We compared the mode of presentation, risk factors, management and outcome of LA patients in Saudi Arabia with cases from the United Kingdom (UK). DESIGN AND SETTING(More)
In this paper, we report on the development of a new and broadly applicable strategy to produce thermally mendable polymeric materials, demonstrated with an epoxy/poly(-caprolactone) (PCL) phase-separated blend. The initially miscible blend composed of 15.5 wt % PCL undergoes polymerization-induced phase separation during cross-linking of the epoxy,(More)
— This paper addresses a d-q model of three phase induction motor. It is the objective of this paper to derive and explain induction motor model in relatively simple terms by using the concept of d-q variables. This method reduces the three-phase system to a two-phase system. Using MATLAB programming we have modeled three-phase induction motor and obtained(More)
— Three phase induction motor is one of the most widely used motors as industrial, commercial and residential load. This motor has the simplest construction, reliable in operation, low initial cost, easy operation, simple maintenance, high efficiency and simple speed control. The popularity of this motor has resulted into lot of research including the(More)
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