Amit Kumar Maurya

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In this paper, we address the problem of Content Based Video Retrieval using a multivariate time series modeling of features. We particularly focus on representing the dynamics of geometric features on the Spatio-Temporal Volume (STV) created from a real world video shot. The STV intrinsically holds the video content by capturing the dynamics of the(More)
This paper presents a genre-specific modeling strategy capable of improving the task of content based video classification and the speed of data retrieval operations. With the ever increasing growth of video data it is important to classify video shots into groups based on its content. For that reason, it is of primary concern to design systems that could(More)
In a multilateral bargaining problem with one buyer and two heterogeneous sellers owning perfectly complementary units, we find that there exists an equilibrium which leads to inefficient delays when the buyer negotiates with the higher-valuation seller first and where players are extremely impatient. We also find that the buyer prefers to negotiate with(More)
—In this paper, we have proposed a technique to improve the performance of existing mining association rule algorithm which significantly reduces the time and space complexity of independent of datasets. There are many data mining algorithms for finding association rules our contribution can be used in almost all of the algorithms independent of its(More)
Model checking is a multipurpose , automatic technique for verifying finite-state concurrent systems. Formal verification methods have quite recently become usable by industry. Presently model checking has been widely used in hardware, software validation and security protocol analysis. Fiat-Shamir is one of the many zero-knowledge au-thentication protocol(More)
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