Amit Kumar Gupta

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Polymeric micelles made of copolymer of N-isopropylacrylamide (NIPAAM), vinyl pyrrolidone (VP) and acrylic acid (AA) having cross-linkage with N,N'-methylene bis-acrylamide (MBA) were used as host carrier in which up to 30%w/w ketorolac (free acid) was entrapped to make the formulation. The lyophilised powder was used for physical characterisation. The drug(More)
Although resting hemodynamic load has been extensively investigated as a determinant of left ventricular (LV) hypertrophy, little is known about the relationship between provoked hemodynamic load and the risk of LV hypertrophy. We studied central pressure-flow relations among 40 hypertensive and 19 normotensive adults using carotid applanation tonometry and(More)
A defect in urine concentrating ability occurs in individuals with sickle cell trait (HbAS). This may result from intracellular polymerization of sickle hemoglobin (HbS) in erythrocytes, leading to microvascular occlusion, in the vasa recta of the renal medulla. To test the hypothesis that the severity of the concentrating defect is related to the(More)
Accurate quantification of arterial function is crucial to distinguishing disease states from normal variants. However, there are little data regarding methods to scale arterial load to body size in humans. We studied 2365 adults aged 35 to 55 years free of overt cardiovascular disease. We assessed arterial hemodynamics and ventricular-vascular coupling(More)
Sphingobacterium spiritivorum is a microorganism that is ubiquitously found in the environment. However, it is rarely isolated from human clinical specimens. There are few reports to date of Sphingobacterium spiritivorum causing disease in humans. We describe a case of Sphingobacterium spiritivorum infection in a patient on haemodialysis, which to our(More)
BACKGROUND Occupational exposure to metal working fluids (MWF) is common with over 1.2 million workers in the United States involved in machine finishing, machine tooling, and other metalworking operations. MWF is a known cause of hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP). Recent reports of outbreaks of hypersensitivity HP secondary to exposure to MWF are reported.(More)
The Bit Plane Coder is a part of the JPEG2000 embedded block coder. Its throughput plays a key role in deciding the overall throughput of a JPEG2000 encoder. In this paper we present a parallel pipeline VLSI architecture for the bit plane encoder which processes a complete stripe column concurrently during every pass. The hardware requirements and the(More)