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Cloud computing has emerged as a popular computing paradigm in recent years. However, today's cloud computing architectures often lack support for computer forensic investigations. Analyzing various logs (e.g., process logs, network logs) plays a vital role in computer forensics. Unfortunately, collecting logs from a cloud is very hard given the black-box(More)
In our everyday lives, we create massive amounts of data. But how much does it really cost to store data? With ever decreasing cost of storage media, a popular misconception is that the cost of storage has become cheaper than ever. However, we argue that the cost of storing data is not equal to the cost of storage media alone – rather, many often ignored(More)
—Albeit the conception of relaying dates back to the 1970s, in recent years there has been an upsurge of search interest in cooperative wireless communications in both academia and industry. This article presents an easy-reading overview of the pivotal topics in both mobile station (MS) and base station (BS) assisted cooperation in the context of cellular(More)
Collection and analysis of various logs (e.g., process logs, network logs) are fundamental activities in computer forensics. Ensuring the security of the activity logs is therefore crucial to ensure reliable forensics investigations. However, because of the black-box nature of clouds and the volatility and co-mingling of cloud data, providing the cloud logs(More)
A major challenge of today is to design handheld receivers for Software defined Radio or data communication which require Giga operations per second [1]. We think of overcoming those and other calculation intensive scientific problems by using Vector Arithmetic Logic Unit (VALU) which is described here. We found the VALU can solve matrix multiplications and(More)
The chemokine CXCL1/MGSA plays a pivotal role in the host immune response by recruiting and activating neutrophils for microbial killing at the tissue site. CXCL1 exists reversibly as monomers and dimers, and mediates its function by binding glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and CXCR2 receptor. We recently showed that both monomers and dimers are potent CXCR2(More)
A very high speed data communication in the range of 1Gb/s is required for next generation communication systems. The Error Correcting Codes should be decoded so that it does not hinder the speed. This paper addresses the hardware solutions associated with that need for BCH and RS Codes decoding. This technique is developed such that it allows the decoding(More)
To design high speed computer we need high speed logic circuits. Here we present Q-dot technology based current mode logic gates which may satisfy that need. Also we introduce high frequency clock generation circuit and D latched based logic gates. 1.0 INTRODUCTION Q-dot technology is touted as the next generation computer device. Normally Q-dot devices are(More)