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With an aim to high-level understanding of the mathematical contents in a document image the requirement of math-zone extraction and recognition technique is obvious. In this paper we present fully auotmatic segmentation of displayed-math zones from the document image, using only the spatial layout information of math-formulas and equations , so as to help(More)
The alkaline phosphatase (AP) is a bi-metalloenzyme of potential applications in biotechnology and bioremediation, in which phosphate monoesters are nonspecifically hydrolysed under alkaline conditions to yield inorganic phosphate. The hydrolysis occurs through an enzyme intermediate in which the catalytic residue is phosphorylated. The reaction, which also(More)
The release factor eRF1 terminates protein biosynthesis by recognizing stop codons at the A site of the ribosome and stimulating peptidyl-tRNA bond hydrolysis at the peptidyl transferase center. The crystal structure of human eRF1 to 2.8 A resolution, combined with mutagenesis analyses of the universal GGQ motif, reveals the molecular mechanism of release(More)
We have designed and implemented an experimental CBIR system that uses a texture co-occurence matrix. Fuzzy index of major colours are also used as colour feature to improve performance. A new measure is suggested to find out the relevance of the retrieved images and to evaluate the CBIR system. Accordingly, the performance study of the proposed system is(More)
With an aim to extract the structural information from the table of contents (TOC) to help develop digital document library the requirement of identifying/segmenting the TOC page is obvious. The objective to create digital document library is to provide a non-labour intensive, cheap and flexible way of storing, representing and managing the paper document(More)
Text within a camera grabbed image can contain a huge amount of meta data about that scene. Such meta data can be useful for identification, indexing and retrieval purposes. Detection of coloured scene text is a new challenge for all camera based images. Common problems for text extraction from camera based images are the lack of prior knowledge of any kind(More)