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Loss-of-function phenotypes often hold the key to understanding the connections and biological functions of biochemical pathways. We and others previously constructed libraries of short hairpin RNAs that allow systematic analysis of RNA interference-induced phenotypes in mammalian cells. Here we report the construction and validation of second-generation(More)
The performance of the site-features docking algorithm LibDock has been evaluated across eight GlaxoSmithKline targets as a follow-up to a broad validation study of docking and scoring software (Warren, G. L.; Andrews, W. C.; Capelli, A.; Clarke, B.; Lalonde, J.; Lambert, M. H.; Lindvall, M.; Nevins, N.; Semus, S. F.; Senger, S.; Tedesco, G.; Walls, I. D.;(More)
A methodology termed membrane-interaction QSAR (MI-QSAR) analysis has been developed in order to predict the behavior of organic compounds interacting with the phospholipid-rich regions of biological membranes. One important application of MI-QSAR analysis is to estimate ADME properties including the transport of organic solutes through biological membranes(More)
There has been much recent interest in adding support for real-time capabilities to Android. Proposed architectures for doing so fall into four broad categories, but only two support real-time Android applications. These two proposals include a real-time garbage collector for real-time memory management and a real-time operating system for real-time(More)
Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified loci reproducibly associated with pulmonary diseases; however, the molecular mechanism underlying these associations are largely unknown. The objectives of this study were to discover genetic variants affecting gene expression in human lung tissue, to refine susceptibility loci for asthma identified in(More)
Generation of complex libraries of defined nucleic acid sequences can greatly aid the functional analysis of protein and gene function. Previously, such studies relied either on individually synthesized oligonucleotides or on cellular nucleic acids as the starting material. As each method has disadvantages, we have developed a rapid and cost-effective(More)
An automated E-Novo protocol designed as a structure-based lead optimization tool was prepared through Pipeline Pilot with existing CHARMm components in Discovery Studio. A scaffold core having 3D binding coordinates of interest is generated from a ligand-bound protein structural model. Ligands of interest are generated from the scaffold using an R-group(More)
This paper presents RTDroid, a variant of Android that provides predictability to Android applications. Although there has been much interest in adopting Android in real-time contexts, surprisingly little work has been done to examine the suitability of Android for real-time systems. Existing work only provides solutions to traditional problems, including(More)
As an important technique to hide disk I/O latency, prefetching has been widely studied, and dynamic adaptive prefetching techniques have been deployed in diverse storage environments. However, two issues are not well addressed by previous research: (1) how to handle the prefetching resource allocation between concurrent sequential access streams with(More)
The Indian construction industry has scope of exponential growth in recent future. Time management, Risk management, site safety, quality work will play important role, if Indian construction industry has to compete with international standards. Whereas presently occupational hazards is matter of concern. The objective of this research is to make(More)