Amit Kr Kaushik

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In Wireless sensor networks, several routing protocols have been developed to improve the various parameters such as stability period, throughput etc . After a homogenous protocol leach, many heterogeneous protocol were developed which successfully improved the routing in WSNs . In this Paper we studied one of the heterogeneous protocol DEEC and its(More)
In this paper, we study the two different type of routing strategies used in wireless sensor networks i. e. proactive and reactive routing mechanisms. These routing mechanisms are applied in different kind of applications for efficient routing in the network. In this paper, we have studied the different routing protocols which use these routing mechanisms(More)
The heterogeneous wireless sensor network deploys different kind of nodes in network. These nodes vary in term of energy, heterogeneity level etc. The cluster making and selection of the cluster heads in clustering based routing is always a matter of concern in these networks. In this paper we employed the fuzzy C-means clustering to form optimal and(More)
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