Amit Khandelwal

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  • Giovanni Maggi, Robert W Staiger, Kyle Bagwell, Chad Bown, Paola Conconi, Arnaud Costinot +14 others
  • 2015
We develop a model of trade agreements with renegotiation and imperfectly veri…able information. In equilibrium, trade disputes can occur and can be resolved in a variety of ways: governments may settle " early " or trigger a court ruling, and in the latter case, they may implement the ruling or reach a post-ruling settlement. The model yields predictions(More)
Distributed multi-player games use dead reckoning vectors to intimate other (at a distance) participating players about the movement of any entity by a controlling player. The dead reckoning vector contains the current position of the entity and the velocity components. When a participating player receives a vector, traditionally it puts the entity at the(More)
This paper analyzes the causal relations between …rms' productivity, factor intensity and export participation. Using propensity score matching techniques and …rm-level panel data for Chinese manufacturing …rms over the 1998-2007 period, we …nd strong evidence of domestic …rms self-selecting into export markets with higher productivity ex ante, and enhanced(More)
  • Brian Mccaig, Nina Pavcnik, Eric Edmonds, Teresa Fort, Doug Irwin, Amit Khandelwal
  • 2014
We study the effects of an export shock on labor allocation across household businesses and employers in the formal enterprise sector in a low-­‐income country, Vietnam. We find that workers reallocate from household businesses to employers in the formal enterprise sector, with greater reallocation in industries that experience larger declines in U.S.(More)
This paper studies how learning from neighboring …rms a¤ects new exporters'performance and dynamics. We develop a statistical decision model in which a …rm updates its prior belief about demand of a foreign market based on the number of neighbors currently selling there, the level and heterogeneity of their export sales, and the …rms'own prior knowledge(More)
  • Bjorn N Jorgensen, Jing Li, Gil Sadka, Marc Giannoni, Amit Khandelwal, Nellie Kim +1 other
  • 2008
Prior accounting research documents that individual stock's returns respond to earnings differently under new accounting standards, regulations, or changes in enforcement. We take a macro perspective and study the properties of aggregate earnings, aggregate cash flows, and aggregate returns on the market portfolio. First, we document that aggregate earnings(More)
We measure the behavior of over 1,100 CEOs in six countries (Brazil, France, Germany, India, UK and US) using a new methodology that combines (i) a survey measuring each activity undertaken in a random work-week by the executives and (ii) a machine learning algorithm that projects these high dimensional data onto one CEO behavior index. A simple firm-CEO(More)
London Transatlantic Doctoral Conference for thoughtful discussions and feedback. We also thank economists at the Bureau of Economic Analysis for their assistance with data collection. All remaining errors are our own. We are grateful for financial support from the Center on Japanese Economy and Business at Columbia Business School. Abstract We investigate(More)