Amit K. Jha

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The current investigation aimed to develop a biomimetic, three-dimensional (3D) culture system for poorly adherent bone metastatic prostate cancer cells (C4-2B) for use as an in vitro platform for anti-cancer drug screening. To this end, hyaluronic acid (HA) derivatives carrying complementary aldehyde (HAALD) and hydrazide (HAADH) groups were synthesized(More)
We have generated a bioinspired tunable system of hyaluronic acid (HyA)-based hydrogels for Matrix-Assisted Cell Transplantation (MACT). With this material, we have independently evaluated matrix parameters such as adhesion peptide density, mechanical properties, and growth factor sequestering capacity, to engineer an environment that imbues donor cells(More)
In a distributed storage system (DSS), high data reliability is obtained by dispersing the data over a number of nodes over a network. In an (n, k) erasure code based DSS, a data file is first divided into k packets and then these k packets are encoded into n packets using an MDS code, and finally these n packets are distributed over n nodes so that each(More)
—A single stage single switch AC/DC converter is an integration of input current shaper and a DC/DC cell with a shared controller and one active switch. The converter is applicable for digital input power supply with high input power factor and tight output voltage regulation. The focus of the topology is to reduce the DC bus voltage at light load without(More)
Osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) is guided by various physical and biochemical factors. Among these factors, modulus (i.e., rigidiy) of the ECM has gained significant attention as a physical osteoinductive signal that can contribute to endochondral ossification of a cartilaginous skeletal template. However, MSCs also(More)
Novel, clinically relevant, approaches to shift energy balance are urgently needed to combat metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes. One promising approach has been the expansion of brown adipose tissues that express uncoupling protein (UCP) 1 and thus can uncouple mitochondrial respiration from ATP synthesis. While expansion of UCP1-expressing(More)
Herboxidiene is a natural product produced by Streptomyces chromofuscus exhibiting herbicidal activity as well as antitumor properties. Using different substrate-flexible cytochrome P450s and glycosyltransferase, different novel derivatives of herboxidiene were generated with structural modifications by hydroxylation or epoxidation or conjugation with a(More)
Herboxidiene is a polyketide with a diverse range of activities, including herbicidal, anti-cholesterol, and pre-mRNA splicing inhibitory effects. Thus, production of the compound on the industrial scale is in high demand, and various rational metabolic engineering approaches have been employed to enhance the yield. Directing the precursors and cofactors(More)
Anti-VEGF drugs that are used in conjunction with laser ablation to treat patients with diabetic retinopathy suffer from short half-lives in the vitreous of the eye resulting in the need for frequent intravitreal injections. To improve the intravitreal half-life of anti-VEGF drugs, such as the VEGF decoy receptor sFlt-1, we developed multivalent(More)
Spinosyns A and D are potent ingredient for insect control with exceptional safety to non-target organisms. It consists of a 21-carbon tetracyclic lactone with forosamine and tri-O-methylated rhamnose which are derived from S-adenosylmethionine. Although previous studies have revealed the involvement of metK1 (S-adenosylmethionine synthetase), rmbA(More)