Amit K. Gupta

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This paper presents a numerical framework for automating the design of lithium-ion cells to maximize cell energy density while meeting specific power density requirements. The battery is modeled using a physics-based electrochemistry model that considers ion transport and includes mass balance and interfacial reactions [6-7]. The design is automatically(More)
Different amounts of Ni-doped TiO(2) (Ni = 0.1 to 10%) powders and thin films were prepared by following a conventional coprecipitation and sol-gel dip coating techniques, respectively, at 400 to 800°C, and were thoroughly characterized by means of XRD, FT-IR, FT-Raman, DRS, UV-visible, BET surface area, zeta potential, flat band potential, and photocurrent(More)
Case rate payments combined with utilization monitoring may have the potential to improve the quality of care by reducing over and under-treatment. Thus, a national managed care organization introduced case rate payments at one multi-site radiation oncology provider while maintaining only fee-for-service payments at others. This study examined whether the(More)
In this paper, we propose an efficient deflection routing method to improve the burst loss and throughput performance in Optical Burst Switched (OBS) networks. We show that the proposed scheme gives significant reduction in burst loss rate and considerable improvement in throughput percentage as compared to the conventional technique for optical networks.(More)
In this paper ,we study the types of attacks in intrusion detection system in Mobile Ad Hoc network(MANET).Mobile Adhoc Networks are a relatively new and rapidly evolving area of interests. One such field concerns mobile adhoc networks (MANETs) in which mobile nodes organize themselves in a network without the help of any predefined infrastructure. Securing(More)
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