Amit K. Gupta

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In semiconductor manufacturing, it requires more than one objective such as cycle time, machine utilization and due date accuracy to be kept in focus simultaneously, while developing an effective scheduling. In this paper, a near optimal solution, which is not inferior to any other feasible solutions in terms of all objectives, is generated with a(More)
This paper involves the study of a simulation based proactive decision support module for the shop-floor scheduling of the Plastic Processing Section (PPS) at Bharti Telecom Limited, Gurgaon, India. The flow of material and information in this shop is highly complex as it involves multiple product parts, sequence dependent setup, molding machine(More)
JPEG2000 is a recently standardized image compression algorithm that provides significant enhancements over the existing JPEG standard. JPEG2000 differs from widely used compression standards in that it relies on discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and uses embedded bit plane coding of the wavelet coefficients [1]. Due to the bit-oriented processing techniques(More)
We demonstrate the role of molecular switching of TrkA/p75(NTR) signaling cascade in organophosphate pesticide-Monocrotophos (MCP) induced neurotoxicity in stem cell derived cholinergic neurons and in rat brain. Our in-silico studies reveal that MCP followed the similar pattern of binding as staurosporine and AG-879 (known inhibitors of TrkA) with TrkA(More)
The authors define 4 levels of complexity in simulation modeling. The ability of the models to predict bottlenecks in the fab. Capability of the model to be used for strategic applications such as cycle time reduction. Simulate complex dispatch rules using the model, Capability of the model to predict operational output of the wafer fab that is clean room(More)
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