Amit K. Chatterjee

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The authors conducted this retrospective cohort study to assess the influence of statins on heart failure (HF) outcome by enrolling 500 consecutive acute myocardial infarction patients, majority (339 of 500) with moderate to severe left ventricular dysfunction (ejection fraction <40%) between March 2000 and March 2002 with 5.5-year mean follow-up. They were(More)
Motion estimation is a key issue in the field of moving images analysis. Since motion estimation is the most time taking part in the video compression, nearly it takes the 80&#x025; of the total time. And the timing efficiency of the motion estimation mainly depends upon the fact, that how we are searching the motion between the two successive frames of(More)
We study a class of nonequilibrium lattice models on a ring where particles hop in a particular direction, from a site to one of its (say, right) nearest neighbors, with a rate that depends on the occupation of all the neighboring sites within a range R. This finite-range process (FRP) for R=0 reduces to the well-known zero-range process (ZRP), giving rise(More)
In reconstituting k-mer models, extended objects that occupy several sites on a one-dimensional lattice undergo directed or undirected diffusion, and reconstitute-when in contact-by transferring a single monomer unit from one k-mer to the other; the rates depend on the size of participating k-mers. This polydispersed system has two conserved quantities, the(More)
In asynchmmu transfer mode (ATM) networks, large switch amhitectures am frequently CUumuCted by intemmmng smaller switch modules [1]. Often, the underlying switch modules have asymmtic dimensions, in that there areunequal numbers of input and outptIporta. The ssymmetric switch tnodulehasn input andmoutputports. ht addition, channel grouping, the technique(More)
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