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BACKGROUND Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is an aftermath of type 2 diabetes posing a significant health problem in developing countries. Its silent progression warrants presymptomatic screening by ankle brachial index (ABI), which cannot be applied to the whole population. We tried to measure the burden of PAD in diabetics of this region correlating(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity and Type 2 diabetes mellitus are on rise with cause-effect relationship. Diabetics monitor blood sugar, neglecting qualitative body composition, leaving residual threat of ectopic fat unattended. We tried to correlate glycemic triad with parameters of body composition derived objectively by bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). (More)
OBJECTIVE To correlate BMI, lipidemic control, and statin therapy with PAD measured by ABI in low risk type 2 diabetics. MATERIALS AND METHODS A sample of 101 nonsmoking, asymptomatic type 2 diabetics (50 males, 51 females) with known glycemic (fasting blood sugar, postprandial blood sugar, glycosylated hemoglobin) and lipidemic (total cholesterol,(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Air pollution due to road traffic is a serious health hazard and air quality crisis in cities is mainly due to vehicular emission. Thus the persons who are continuously exposed are at an increased risk. The study was carried out to evaluate the extent of impairment in lung function in traffic police personnel compared to matched(More)
INTRODUCTION Smoking is an increasingly popular indulgence in India. Assessment by routine spirometry falls short of direct functional parameter like Diffusion Lung Capacity (DLC), also known as lung transfer factor (LTF). AIM To measure LTF amongst middle aged male smokers and to study various correlates for it. MATERIALS AND METHODS Total of 45(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the effect of disease duration, treatment and risk factors on QTc interval among young hypertensives. MATERIALS AND METHODS A case-control study was conducted on 142 hypertensives (60 males, 82 females) taking calcium channel blocker (CCB) or angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEI) as monotherapy. After blood pressure(More)
BACKGROUND Deranged body fat and muscle mass are aftermaths of uncontrolled diabetes. Anthropometric methods like body mass index (BMI) do not give qualitative inferences like total body fat (TBF), visceral fat (VF) or subcutaneous fat (SF) that can be given by bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA). We studied body composition of type 2 diabetics in(More)
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