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BACKGROUND Sentinel lymph node biopsy in women with operable breast cancer is routinely used in some countries for staging the axilla despite limited data from randomized trials on morbidity and mortality outcomes. We conducted a multicenter randomized trial to compare quality-of-life outcomes between patients with clinically node-negative invasive breast(More)
Our paper suggests a simple, recursive residuals (out-of-sample) graphical approach to evaluating the predictive power of popular equity premium and stock market timeseries forecasting regressions. When applied, we find that dividend ratios should have been known to have no predictive ability even prior to the 1990s, and that any seeming ability even then(More)
This paper introduces a novel generation system that composes humanlike descriptions of images from computer vision detections. By leveraging syntactically informed word co-occurrence statistics, the generator filters and constrains the noisy detections output from a vision system to generate syntactic trees that detail what the computer vision system sees.(More)
Despite the widespread application of sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) for early stage breast cancer, there is a wide variation in reported test performance characteristics. A major aim of this prospective multicentre validation study was to quantify detection and false-negative rates of SLNB and evaluate factors influencing them. Eight-hundred and(More)
What do people care about in an image? To drive computational visual recognition toward more human-centric outputs, we need a better understanding of how people perceive and judge the importance of content in images. In this paper, we explore how a number of factors relate to human perception of importance. Proposed factors fall into 3 broad types: 1)(More)
We investigate the empirical implications of using various measures of payout yield rather than dividend yield for asset pricing models. We find statistically and economically significant predictability in the time series when payout (dividends plus repurchases) and net payout (dividends plus repurchases minus issuances) yields are used instead of the(More)
Much work has already been done on building named entity recognition systems. However most of this work has been concentrated on English and other European languages. Hence, building a named entity recognition (NER) system for South Asian Languages (SAL) is still an open problem because they exhibit characteristics different from English. This paper builds(More)
What is the story of an image? What is the relationship between pictures, language, and information we can extract using state of the art computational recognition systems? In an attempt to address both of these questions, we explore methods for retrieving and generating natural language descriptions for images. Ideally, we would like our generated textual(More)
Query auto-completion (QAC) facilitates user query composition by suggesting queries given query prefix inputs. In 2014, global users of Yahoo! Search saved more than 50% keystrokes when submitting English queries by selecting suggestions of QAC. Users' preference of queries can be inferred during user-QAC interactions, such as dwelling on suggestion lists(More)
Background Intra-operative assessment is not routinely performed in the UK due to poor sensitivity of available methods and overburdened pathology resources. We conducted a prospective clinical feasibility study of the GeneSearch™ Breast Lymph Node (BLN) Assay (Veridex, LLC, Warren, NJ) to confirm its potential usefulness within the UK healthcare system.(More)