Amit Gore

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—Rapid and accurate detection of pathogens using conductometric biosensors requires potentiostats that can measure small variations in conductance. In this paper, we present an architecture and implementation of a multichannel poten-tiostat array based on a novel semi-synchronous sigma–delta (61) analog-to-digital conversion algorithm. The algorithm(More)
—For many recognition systems, the feature extraction unit forms the most computationally intensive and power consuming component. In this paper, we present a design of an analog-to-information converter that directly produces a pulse-encoded representation of linear predictive coded (LPC) features corresponding to an input analog signal. At the core of(More)
A key challenge in designing analog-to-digital converters for cortically implanted prosthesis is to sense and process high-dimensional neural signals recorded by the micro-electrode arrays. In this paper, we describe a novel architecture for analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion that combines Σ∆ conversion with spatial de-correlation within a single module.(More)
Rapid detection of pathogens using field deployable biosensors requires integrated sensing and data processing. Detection of low concentration of biological agents is possible using accurate and real-time signal characterization devices. This paper presents a multi-channel conductometric array that can detect and measure current up to femtoampere range. The(More)
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