Amit Deshmukh

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Wireless sensor networks are a challenging field of research when it comes to security issues. Using low cost sensor nodes with limited resources makes it difficult for cryptographic algorithms to function without impacting energy consumption and latency. In this paper, we focus on key management issues in multi-hop wireless sensor networks. These networks(More)
This paper proposes a biometric authentication system based on feature level fusion of face and fingerprint modalities. The proposed method utilizes Gabor filter bank with two scales and eight orientations, to extract directional features from source data. Usage of a small set of Gabor filters typically reduces the system processing time. To introduce a(More)
A single-step synthesis route is described for the preparation of a metal-polymer composite in which palladium acetate and meta-amino benzoic acid were used as the precursors for palladium nanoparticles and poly(meta-amino benzoic acid) (PABA). The palladium nanoparticles were found to be uniformly dispersed and highly stabilized throughout the(More)
The paper is based upon the idea of making the attendance system automated by using the concept of biometric scanning. The attendance marking system is very tedious when it is done manually. This paper aims at trying to make it digital through the use of fingerprint module and then updating the database by transmitting the information through use of Xbee.(More)
The paper is based upon the black box concept which is present in an airplane that records useful data. A majority of the time accidents take place and the victim stays lying on the rod, unattended by the trespassers, fighting for life. Many lives are lost. This paper aims at implementing a circuit that informs family and the ambulance as well as the police(More)
A Terahertz (THz) reflectarray is designed using three separate unit cells has been proposed. The reflectarray makes use of gold patches on PDMS substrate in order to obtain a design that covers a phase range of complete 360O for a frequency of 1 THz. A 255 element array is designed and simulated to show that good directivity and narrowbeam with 8.6O(More)
An attempt was made to understand the ‘floral bud distortion’ (FBD), an unexplored disorder prevailing in soybean. Cytological behaviour of floral reproductive organs and in silico characterization of differentially expressed transcript-derived fragments (TDFs) in symptomatic and asymptomatic soybean plants were carried out. Pollens in asymptomatic plants(More)