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Cloud computing is envisioned as the next-generation technology. It is an Internet based technology where quality services are provided to users including data and software, on remote servers. Advantages of cloud computing includes creating and storing data at remote servers, hence utilizing the client resource to the minimum level. But this advantage(More)
The objective of this paper is to introduce a new CPU Scheduling Algorithm called time quantum based CPU Scheduling Algorithm which acts as preemptive based on the arrival time. The algorithm helps to improve the average waiting time of Round Robin algorithm in real time uniprocessor-multi programming operating system. CPU Scheduling is the basis of(More)
Data Storage Security is matter of concern especially in the field of Cloud Computing where large amount of data is being stored on daily basis over the internet. But the real world is facing some or other challenging issues regarding the same. An ubiquitous and an on-demand access with an interoperable network of your various computing resources and(More)
In this paper we discussed, a hybrid intrusion detection system using honey pot. Hybrid honeypot is the combination of low and high interaction honeypots. It helps in detecting intrusion attacking on the system. For this, I have proposed the hybrid model of hybrid honeypot. Low interaction honeypot provide enough interaction to attackers to allow honeypot(More)
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