Amit Chandan

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The Honey Bee Network has helped provide a sort of loose platform to converge creative, but uncoordinated individuals across not only Indian states having varying cultural, linguistic and social ethos, but also in 75 other countries around the world. What the Network is trying to do in a rather quiet manner may transform the way the resources—in which poor(More)
Abdominal tuberculosis is the sixth most common site of extra pulmonary tuberculosis. 1 TB may affect any portion of the GI tract however, in 85% of cases ileocecal region is affected whereas gastroduodenal region is involve only 0.3-2.3% of TB cases of abdominal TB. 2 When gastroduodenal TB is seen without any other lesion of TB in body it is known as(More)
The trends of specific technologies and their likely impact on navigation systems used in transportation during the next 25 years are described. Particular emphasis is placed on the Canadian situation. The research will contribute to Transport Canada objectives of exploring strategic technologies, fostering transportation research at universities, and(More)
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