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INTRODUCTION The study was performed to compare dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with 3-dimensional (3D) pseudocontinuous arterial spin labeling (PCASL) MRI in gliomas with an aim to see whether arterial spin labeling (ASL)-derived cerebral blood flow (CBF) values can be used as an alternative to DCE-MRI for its grading. (More)
Wireless sensor network (WSN) refers to the spatially disseminated self-directed sensors to investigate physical or environmental conditions, such as temperature, sound, pressure, etc. and to cooperatively pass their data through the network to a main location. The growth in the wireless sensor networks was motivated by military applications such as(More)
In recent times peer-to-peer networking has gained popularity since users can share files without having to communicate with a dedicated server. Peer-to-peer network have a scalable and fault-tolerant system that can locate nodes on a network with no need to maintain routing state having a lot of information. As the bandwidth of internet connection has(More)
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