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In order to develop climate resilient urban areas and reduce emissions, several opportunities exist starting from conscious planning and design of green (and blue) spaces in these landscapes. Green urban infrastructure has been regarded as beneficial, e.g. by balancing water flows, providing thermal comfort. This article explores the existing evidence on(More)
This study presents a techno-economic assessment of algae-derived biodiesel under economic and technical uncertainties associated with the development of algal biorefineries. A global sensitivity analysis was performed using a High Dimensional Model Representation (HDMR) method. It was found that, considering reasonable ranges over which each parameter can(More)
Concentrating solar collectors of low concentration ratio can supply hot water or process heat at intermediate temperatures, i.e. 80 to 180 0 C, where flat plate collectors are not effective, and for which there are a number of industrial, domestic and rural applications. This paper studies the potential applications of this technology and presents case(More)
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