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Rising energy costs have spawned renewed interest in improving methodologies for the synthesis, design and/or retrofitting of separation processes. It is well known that energy use in many process industries is dominated by separation tasks—particularly distillation. In this work, the shortest stripping line approach recently proposed by Lucia, Amale, &(More)
In present study it has been surveyed that, the metal industries using the cutting fluid has become more problematic in terms of both employee health and environmental pollution. But the use of cutting fluid generally causes economy of tools and it becomes easier to keep tight tolerances and to maintain work piece surface properties without damages. Because(More)
A new methodology for the synthesis, design and retrofitting of energy efficient separation processes that is based on the concept of shortest separation lines is presented. The basic theory of shortest distillation lines, formulated as a nonlinear programming problem, is given. Two examples are presented that show that energy efficient separations(More)
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