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In the advanced maintenance techniques of the transformer, Sweep Frequency Response Analysis(SFRA) method is one of the established technique that includes the modelling of the transformer frequency response. This includes identifying the transfer function and realising into circuit parameters so that the incipient fault detection is correlated with the(More)
This paper analyzes the performance of a selective Decode-and-Forward (DF) protocol based cooperative space-time block coded spatial modulation (STBC-SM) MIMO system. Further, the analysis is presented for a Kronecker MIMO channel model considering spatial correlated channel conditions. The results are also derived for the diversity order of the system(More)
—An off-axis pole focusing method for robust direction of arrival (DOA) estimation is presented in this paper. The roots (poles) of the root-MUSIC polynomial are generally evaluated over the unit circle in the z-domain. The DOAs can be computed from these poles using a simple geometric relation. Rather than computing the root-MUSIC polynomial over the unit(More)
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