Amiruddin Ismail

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Putrajaya is a new federal administrative capital of Malaysia which has been set to achieve a 70% share of all travels by public transport in the city area. However, the current modal split between the public transport and private transport is 15:85. In order to understand travelers' willingness to use the public transport, a conceptual model has been(More)
Road distress results in high maintenance costs. However, increased understandings of asphalt behaviour and properties coupled with technological developments have allowed paving technologists to examine the benefits of introducing additives and modifiers. As a result, polymers have become extremely popular as modifiers to improve the performance of the(More)
This paper examines the role that investment in information technologies (IT) play in the performance of construction companies in Malaysia. IT investment by construction firms increases annually, but many of them do not have the tools with which to evaluate the returns from their investment. To achieve this, a survey was carried out on 68 firms, using the(More)
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