Amirrudin Kamsin

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It is a challenge to identify who actually holds the valid copy of the holy Quran, or whether one digital copy is tampered or not. In fact, previous literature has shown that most of people were not aware of the distribution of fake copies of Quran online. Majority of them have raised the importance of having a central Islamic body to control and determine(More)
Existing applications tend to highlight tasks that people should be doing at any given time based on the parameters of urgency (e.g. deadline), assigned priority and reminders. Our field studies demonstrate that people consider existing applications as inadequate to flexibly adapt to current changes in other essential factors, including, task size,(More)
Since the middle of 1990s, Malaysia has already showed its commitment and emphasis on the idea of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Malaysia's Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) is being developed in order to satisfy the country's ambition to achieve the fully developed status by the year 2020. Recent studies showed that online learning for(More)
Resource scheduling approaches (RSA) are the core component of mobile cloud computing (MCC) systems that aim to optimally allocate cloud-based remote resources to resource-intensive components of mobile applications. The ultimate goal of RSA is to reduce execution time and energy consumption of resource-intensive mobile applications which contributes to(More)