Amirin Sadikun

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There has been an enormous interest in the development of alternative medicines for type 2 diabetes, specifically screening for phytochemicals with the ability to delay or prevent glucose absorption. The goal of the present study was to provide in vitro evidence for potential inhibition of α-glucosidase and α-amylase enzymes, followed by a confirmatory in(More)
Preliminary investigations were carried out to evaluate the antidiabetic effects of the leaves of O. stamineus extracted serially with solvents of increasing polarity (petroleum ether, chloroform, methanol and water); bioassay-guided purification of plant extracts using the subcutaneous glucose tolerance test (SbGTT) was also carried out. Only the(More)
In the present study, L. ferrugineus methanol extract (LFME) was evaluated for its blood pressure lowering effect in anesthetized normotensive Sprague Dawley (SD) rats and its spasmogenic effect in isolated guinea pig ileum. The possible mechanism(s) of action were also investigated. LFME was obtained by Soxhlet extraction. The rats were fasted overnight(More)
The continuing rise in tuberculosis incidence and the problem of drug resistance strains have prompted the research on new drug candidates and the mechanism of drug resistance. Molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation (MD) were performed to study the binding of isoniazid onto the active site of Mycobacterium tuberculosis enoyl-acyl carrier(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY The present study was aimed to investigate the pharmacological basis for the use of Loranthus ferrugineus in hypertension. MATERIALS AND METHODS Loranthus ferrugineus methanol extract (LFME) was obtained using Soxhelt extractor and then successively fractionated using chloroform, ethyl acetate and n-butanol. The n-butanol fraction of LFME(More)
The mode by which Loranthus ferrugineus methanol extract antagonizes and/or modulates norepinephrine-induced vasoconstriction was investigated in rat aortic rings. The vascular effects of three different concentrations of this extract were challenged against cumulative additions of norepinephrine. Phentolamine, a nonselective α-adrenoceptor antagonist,(More)
Phaleria macrocarpa, commonly known as Mahkota dewa is a medicinal plant that is indigenous to Indonesia and Malaysia. Extracts of P. macrocarpa have been used since years in traditional medicine that are evaluated scientifically as well. The extracts are reported for a number of valuable medicinal properties such as anti-cancer, anti-diabetic,(More)
We investigated the vascular responses and the blood pressure reducing effects of different fractions obtained from the methanol extract of Loranthus ferrugineus Roxb. (F. Loranthaceae). By means of solvent-solvent extraction, L. ferrugineus methanol extract (LFME) was successively fractionated with chloroform, ethyl acetate and n-butanol. The ability of(More)
This study aimed to elucidate the mechanism(s) of the spasmogenic action of Loranthus ferrugineus in isolated guinea pig ileum. Thus the contractile responses of guinea pig ileum to graded additions of either L. ferrugineus methanol extract or its n-butanol fraction were tested in the presence and absence of various pharmacological interventions. The data(More)