Amirhossein Ghanbari

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Network sharing is a commonly used solution for macro cellular networks when mobile operators want to exploit benefits of sharing infrastructure, typically to save network costs. For local area and indoor networks infrastructure sharing using distributed antenna systems (DAS) and repeaters are commonly used solutions to improve indoor coverage. For these(More)
During the recent years several technologies and services based in Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine communications (M2M) have appeared in many different sectors, like healthcare, transport, logistics, media or utilities. When new technologies (like Smart Grid or Smart Energy) appear two types of challenges can be defined: technical and(More)
Looking for new markets and revenue streams, the future Smart Cities comprise a good opportunity for traditional actors of the telecommunication industry. This opportunity requires a new mindset among these actors that corresponds to re-positioning in the Smart City value chain. This means that, in order to play a role that can not be overlooked, Telecom(More)
The investment in indoor mobile market is highly related to the spectrum availability and its associated authorization options. The aim of this paper is to discuss the differences in the spectrum demand considering both wide and local area network deployment and what kind of actor that provides the indoor wireless access service. The analysis includes(More)
During recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the potential opportunities that can be attained with promoting Smart Sustainable Cities (SSC); a concept that can be reached based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The SSC concept is then considered achievable by horizontal integration of participating industries in its(More)