Amiraldo S. Pinheiro

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We describe 2 bat-transmitted outbreaks in remote, rural areas of Portel and Viseu Municipalities, Pará State, northern Brazil. Central nervous system specimens were taken after patients' deaths and underwent immunofluorescent assay and histopathologic examination for rabies antigens; also, specimens were injected intracerebrally into suckling mice in an(More)
To the Editor: Brazilian pur-puric fever (BPF), a Haemophilus aegyptius–caused febrile hemorrhagic illness of children that begins with conjunctivitis and has a case-fatality rate of 40%–90% (1,2), was fi rst recognized during a 1984 outbreak. Before June 2007, 69 cases were reported worldwide; 65 were from Brazil (1–3). To our knowledge, the disease had(More)
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