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PURPOSE Whereas post-radiation therapy overreactions (OR) represent a clinical and societal issue, there is still no consensual radiobiological endpoint to predict clinical radiosensitivity. Since 2003, skin biopsy specimens have been collected from patients treated by radiation therapy against different tumor localizations and showing a wide range of OR.(More)
The radiotherapy of thoracic cancers exposes the heart to late radiation-induced complications. The physiopathological and clinical consequences of heart irradiation have been mostly studied in patients with Hodgkin lymphoma and breast cancer. The main cause of cardiac morbidity is radiation-induced coronaropathy with a relative risk estimated between 2 and(More)
Radiation therapy plays an essential role in the treatment of invasive breast cancer. However, prophylactic treatment of supra- and infraclavicular lymph nodes is not consensual, with different treatment depending on the centres and practitioners. Clinical indications for radiotherapy of the supra- and infraclavicular lymph nodes are often the subject of a(More)
Place of axillary radiotherapy in the management of patients with breast cancer remains debated. While the prognostic value of axillary lymph node extension has been largely demonstrated, the benefit of axillary treatment is more uncertain. Large clinical trials having demonstrated the benefit of adjuvant radiotherapy in advanced breast cancer comprised(More)
PURPOSE To assess the benefits of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the dosimetric treatment planning for prostate radiotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Ten consecutive patients have been enrolled. They were treated for a low risk prostate adenocarcinoma. A rigid superimposition was performed between MRI and scan slides obtained at time of virtual(More)
Radiation therapy has a major role in the management of infiltrative breast cancers. However, there is no consensus for the prophylactic treatment of the internal mammary chain (IMC), with strategies that show strong differences according to centers and physicians. Indications for internal mammary chain radiotherapy are debated, since this treatment(More)
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