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Changes in posture demand rapid cardiovascular adjustments to maintain blood pressure and volume distribution. We demonstrated a vestibulo-cardiac reflex in supine individuals by measuring electrocardiogram and arterial blood pressure after small backwards drops of the head triggered at varying intervals after the R-spike. In normal volunteers heart rate(More)
A patient with suspected brain stem glioma involving the area of the left vestibular nuclei and cerebellar peduncle, developed paroxysmal alternating skew deviation and direction changing nystagmus after biopsy of the inferior cerebellar vermis resulting in destruction of the uvula. Between attacks she had right over left skew deviation with asymptomatic(More)
Living donor liver transplantation (LDLT) has become the most likely alternative for the expansion of the organ pool for adult patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and end-stage liver disease. Detractors, however, cite a continued expansion of tumor-listing criteria, a higher incidence of complications, and unproven long-term outcomes. The purpose(More)
OBJECTIVES This study investigated the effect of prediabetes in long-term deceased-donor renal transplant recipients regarding graft survival, graft function, and evolution of new-onset diabetes after transplant compared with a control group of graft recipients with normal glucose tolerance test results. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a follow-up trial of(More)
The venous vascular anatomy of the caudate lobe is exceptional. The purpose of this study was to assess portal inflow and venous outflow volumes of the caudate lobe. Extrahepatic (provided by the first-order branches) versus intrahepatic (provided by the second- to third-order branches) portal inflow, as well as direct (via Spieghel veins) versus indirect(More)
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