Amira Elimam

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BACKGROUND In a previous study, we reported a 4-fold increase in serum leptin following total parenteral nutrition given after surgery. We hypothesised that the perioperative fasting and stress contributed to this, possibly mediated by increased serum insulin and cortisol. OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that fasting, in combination with glucocorticoids,(More)
OBJECTIVE Leptin, the obese gene product, is thought to regulate body fat through its action on hypothalamic receptors that influence satiety. The hormonal regulation of leptin is important, since it might affect adiposity. Leptin regulation in man is poorly understood. We studied the relation between endogenous cortisol and leptin levels as well as the(More)
Childhood obesity is associated with several abnormalities of the GH axis, including decreased spontaneous secretion, decreased response to exogenous secretagogues, and altered pulsatile pattern of secretion. In adults, GH treatment reduces abdominal obesity and improves insulin sensitivity, as well as blood lipid profiles. Whether GH has similar effects in(More)
To study the potential role of the ob gene pathway in childhood obesity, we have investigated leptin mRNA levels in s.c. adipose tissue obtained from nonobese prepubertal children (n = 20), obese nonsyndromal children (n = 6), and children with Prader-Willi syndrome (n = 6) by in situ hybridization histochemistry. We have also investigated the fasting serum(More)
OBJECTIVE In humans, leptin is regulated by long-term changes in energy intake. However, short-term regulation of serum leptin by nutrients has been difficult to show. The aim of this study was to investigate whether short periods of fasting and stress sensitise the leptin response to nutrients. SUBJECTS AND EXPERIMENTAL PROTOCOL: Fourteen patients of(More)
OBJECTIVE Leptin receptors are expressed in adipocytes, suggesting potential autocrine/paracrine effects. Studies on the direct effects of leptin on adipose tissue metabolism in different species have yielded controversial data. To assess the in vitro effects of leptin on human adipocyte metabolism: lipolysis, the insulin-induced inhibition of lipolysis and(More)
The changes in serum leptin levels during growth hormone (GH) treatment were studied in 27 children, 17 with GH deficiency (GHD), 10 with idiopathic short stature (ISS), and 9 with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS). Within 1 month of GH treatment, serum leptin levels decreased by 40% in the GHD children (p < 0.01). There was no significant change in serum leptin(More)
Hypoglycaemia is a dangerous condition. Rapid and reliable blood glucose measurements are necessary for the initiation of treatment to reduce the risk of neurological sequelae. The aim of this study was to compare a bedside glucose photometer (HemoCue) with three methods of handling blood glucose measurements in a routine chemistry laboratory and to(More)
UNLABELLED Leptin correlates with measures of body fat stores. Growth hormone (GH) treatment may affect leptin levels either directly or indirectly by influencing body composition and circulating insulin level. Here, the effects of GH treatment on the leptin axis and body composition of six severely obese, but otherwise healthy, prepubertal boys were(More)
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