Amira Ben Hamida

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Service-oriented computing is now acknowledged as a central paradigm for Internet computing, supported by tremendous research and technology development over the last 10 years. However, the evolution of the Internet, and in particular, the latest Future Internet vision, challenges the paradigm. Indeed, service-oriented computing has to face the ultra large(More)
The pervasive computing paradigm promises great abilities whenever and wherever a user goes. However, as people are shifting from the desktop to more resource-constrained devices, issues due to scarce resources may appear preventing from the use of the available services and applications. In this paper, we consider the adaptive deployment as a mainstream(More)
In scalable and widely distributed Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments, supervision is necessary to ensure services are behaving as expected and to trigger the corrective actions when needed. More specically, when dealing with distributed and scalable Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), the control of services and their interactions must be(More)
One of the challenges of ambient systems lies in providing all the available services of the environment to the ambient devices, even if they do not physically host those services. Although this challenge has come to find a solution through cloud computing, there are still few devices and operating systems that enable applications execution by only(More)
This paper presents clustering approaches applied on daily energy consumption curves of a building. Our aim is to identify a reduced set of consumption patterns for a tertiary building during one year. These patterns depend on the temperature throughout the year as well as the type of the day (working day, work-free day and school holidays). Two clustering(More)