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Mammography constitutes a credible technique for the detection of breast cancer. Early detection of microcalcifications in breast tissue, which is an indication of developing breast cancer, facilitates prompt intervention averting fatalities associated with this type of disease. It is, however, difficult for practitioners to pinpoint effectively the(More)
Ankle varus deformity arises due to a number of congenital and acquired causes leading to significant functional debility in the patients, especially children. We report a less commonly used technique, the transphyseal osteotomy of distal tibia, for the correction of varus deformity of the ankle joint in a thirteen-year-old boy. Full correction of the(More)
A review of the literature shows strong variations in the prevalence of hepatitis delta virus (HDV) among Africans seropositive for hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg). In Senegal, West Africa, prevalence of antibodies to HDV among asymptomatic HBsAg carriers appears to be linked to regional and/or socioeconomic factors. Antibodies to HDV were found in 22(More)
Computer aided diagnosis of breast cancer is becoming increasingly a necessity given the exponential growth of performed mammograms. In particular, the breast mass diagnosis and classification arouse nowadays a great interest. Indeed, the complexity of processed mass shapes and the difficulty to distinguish between them require the use of appropriate(More)
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