AmirAli B. Zadeh

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Facial landmark detection is an essential initial step for a number of facial analysis research areas such as expression analysis, 3D face modeling, facial attribute analysis, and person recognition. It is a well researched problem that has seen a surge of interest in the past couple of years. However, most state-of-the-art methods still struggle in the(More)
As a contribution to the 2014 SPMRL shared task on parsing morphologically rich languages, we show that it is now possible to achieve high dependency accuracy using existing parsers without the need for intricate multi-parser schemes even if only small amounts of training data are available. We further show that the impact of using word vectors on parsing(More)
This paper presents a novel long-term idea to learn automatically from online multimedia content, such as videos from YouTube channels, a portfolio of nonverbal identities in the form of computational representation of prototypical gestures of a speaker. As a first step towards this vision, this paper presents proof-of-concept experiments to automatically(More)
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